We also provide other equipment which can help you to increase your production efficiency.

Automated Side Guide AdjustmentComposite Can CleanerCheck WeigherMetal Detector
Automated side guide adjustment can be pre-programmed or shaped with five varied types of configurations according to requirements of manufacturing. The adjustment of different types of configurations normally takes less than a minute time. Moreover, as per requirement, manual settings can also be enacted without disturbing auto configured settings. This system is applicable to both “straight” and “bend” sections.

Automated side guide installed at straight section.

Automated side guide installed at bend section.

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The primary function of a MODU Composite Can Cleaner is to blow air into a paper can and eliminate dust inside the composite can.

The process is as follow:

  1. Paper cans move by BANDO poly-cord from in-feed to out- feed of the can cleaner.
  2. While traveling, the paper can is blown by filtered compressed air from its bottom.
  3. After that, the paper can is transferred to another Conveyor or machine for further processing.

Product is transported to another machine while being cleaned.

Stainless steel guides are used to maintain orientation.

Air filter and regulator ­to assure clean air at the right pressure.

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check-weigherA wide range of sizes and configurations are available to handle any container type or package design at high production rates, to ensure accurate product delivery, and optimized production processes.

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The requirement of metal detection system in the food and pharmaceutical production cannot be over-emphasized and is acknowledged as an important area of focus in any competent quality system. Metal detector provides shield against product failures and recalls, helps to preserve hard earned supplier certification category and reduces overall operational costs.
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