Modu Expanding Vendor Base

Modu System America LLC, has put a lot of focus in the past few years on working with local suppliers.  When Modu System America LLC first started a large part of their parts content was shipped from their partner factory in Asia.  In the past few years the management team evaluated what items should be sourced from Asia to take advantage of the cost benefits.  The main focus of this study was to pass on to Modu System customers the best possible price for their products while maintaining the high quality that our customers have come accustom to with Modu. Based on this study Modu was able to change the content of their product offer to a 70% level of items being made in the USA and 30% being sourced from our partners in Asia.  This combination has allowed Modu to reduce the overall lead time of the conveyor systems and maintain the same pricing structure that was in place since 2010.  In some cases the price has been lowered while our competitor prices have increased each year.  Modu System will continue to review our vendor/partner relationships and will alter and manage these relationships to maintain our excellent price points and high quality levels.

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