Modu now offers the following systems; Robotic Delivery, Belt Delivery, Dish Return, and Express DRIVETHRU.

Robotic Delivery System

The Modu Robotic Delivery System is the perfect way to deliver food items directly from the kitchen out to your customers. The system allows the chef to place food items directly on our Robotic cars, and then with a quick tap on the touch screen display he chooses
which table he wants the food delivered to. The key thing is the Robotic car can deliver food items within 30 seconds. This means hot fresh food is delivered to your customers without the need to wait. Also, the Robotic cars can be designed to look like school buses, race cars, rocket ships; you pick the theme. These Cars are family friendly and the kids love seeing them deliver food throughout the restaurant.

Belt Delivery System

The Modu System Belt Delivery System is like our Robotic Delivery system except this system uses a belt and standard serving tray to deliver food items directly from the kitchen out to your customers. It has all the same benefits as the robotic system but with the Belt Delivery System you do not have to wait for the Robotic car to return to the kitchen. The Chef places food items on a serving tray and when the order is complete the chef picks the table location of where the food is to be sent and the system does the rest. Once it reaches the desired table location an automatic tray extender gently guides the serving tray to the customers table. The customers unload the tray and the system automatically discharges the tray at the end of the system. This system is very quick and efficient!

Dirty Dish Return System

The Dirty Dish Return System helps your staff be more efficient when collecting soiled dishes. When a staff member clears a table, they bring the tote filled with soiled dishes to the return conveyor which is conveniently located in multiple positions thoughout the restaurant. This allows your staff to liminate unnecessary walking to and from the kitchen to return the totes. Instead they just place them on the return conveyor.

DRIVE-THRU Express Delivery

The DRIVE-THRU system allows restaurants to add multiple drive thru lanes to their existing take out operation. The perfect thing about our DRIVE-THRU Systems are they are completely retrofittable to existing restaurants and can be configured into as many lanes as required for an efficient drive thru service. The food order including drinks are loaded in the Express takeaway tower where the food is routed to the desired drive thru pick up location. No more backed up drive thru’s or lost business.